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SY2013-2014   Financial Assistance Information

Trinity Lutheran School awards limited needs-based financial assistance to families. Financial assistance will be considered based on availability of funds, demonstrated financial need of the family, positive parental involvement, academic performance, personal behavior, motivation, character and other information provided by family applying for the assistance.

Assistance is granted for a period of one school year and is based on the most current family information. Families must reapply for financial assistance every year. Changes in a family's financial situation or changes in the school's financial resources may change the amount of assistance awarded from year to year. Currently enrolled students paying full tuition may apply for financial aid, but they must provide a letter explaining the financial circumstances that are necessitating the request for financial assistance.

It is very important to understand that Trinity Lutheran School's financial assistance budget is limited, and we are, therefore, not always able to meet the needs of every student/family who applies for financial assistance. 

Not all applicants will be granted financial assistance.

Trinity Lutheran School reserves the right to award or deny financial assistance as it sees fit within the existing resources and after the applications are carefully reviewed and evaluated by the Financial Assistance Committee.

Trinity Lutheran School utilizes TUITION AID & DATA SERVICES (TADS) to verify a family's financial need. It is Trinity Lutheran School's Tuition Assistance Committee who makes the final financial assistance determination.


TADS offers an Application Worksheet to help streamline your application process. (CLICK HERE FOR WORKSHEET)   DO NOT submit this worksheet to TADS!

If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please carefully follow these steps:

Step 1:

Complete and submit an online TADS application form. This process can be initiated by clicking the link below. (PARENTS - PLEASE NOTE: There is a $34 per family online application fee. A paper application may be requested for an additional fee.)
/files/images/TADS_link_App.png     /files/images/TADS_link_worksheet.png
Step 2:

Submit the following documents to the Trinity Lutheran School Office:
  •       > A signed Trinity Lutheran School Financial Assistance Application
  •       > A signed and dated copy of 2012 Federal Income Tax Return (IRS Form 1040), including all schedules
  •       > Copies of all 2012 W-2's and/or 1099 Earnings Statements
  •       > A signed IRS Form 4506-T which permits Trinity Lutheran School to request an official copy of your submitted tax return. (Forms are also available in the school office.)
  •        > A copy of most recent property assessment information for all real estate owned.
(Please send copies of these forms as these submitted documents will NOT be returned.)                  

Filing Deadlines: 
The TADS application should be submitted by April 15, 2013. The Financial Aid Application and all other required paperwork that is listed in Step 2 are due to the Trinity Lutheran School Office by April 30, 2013.

Late Applications

We accept late financial assistance applications; however, Trinity Lutheran School has limited financial assistance available and will not be able to offer assistance once the annual allotted funds are awarded. Therefore, it is best to complete all forms by the appropriate deadlines. Completed applications will be considered until July 15, 2013, if funds are still available.

Incomplete Information

Incomplete, inaccurate, unclear, or unsigned documentation will delay processing and jeopardize the chances of receiving aid.

Trinity Lutheran Church Active Membership Discount

Members of Trinity Lutheran Church - Wahiawa, are entitled to a 15% tuition discount. Families must be active members, in good standing and must meet the membership requirements set forth by the pastor and congregation. If you have any questions, please contact the the church office.


1. Financial Assistance is available for students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. (Preschool students are not eligible for financial assistance from Trinity Lutheran Church & School.)

2. Financial Assistance funds are limited. Not all applicants will receive financial assistance. Receiving financial assistance for a prior year does not guarantee an applicant financial assistance for the current year.

3. All paperwork and the enrollment fees must be received by the school office before Financial Assistance will be considered.

4. Financial Assistance may not be accumulated with other financial aid and/or discounts. (e.g., The Trinity Lutheran Church Membership discount [15%] may not be added to another financial assistance award.)

5. Parents applying for Financial Assistance after April 30, 2013, will not be included in the first round of Financial Assistance consideration and awards. If Financial Assistance funds are available after the first round, a second round of consideration/awards may take place.

~~ D O W N L O A D S  &  L I N K S ~~

TLS Financial Assistance Application  ~  IRS Form 4506-T  ~  TADS Application